Embodying excellence

If you read through my site content, blogs and posts, you will soon realise that I am committed to applying the attitude and approach of excellence throughout all aspects of life; be that parenting, personal relationships, sports, business, communication, leadership, creativity or whatever context a person wants to excel in.

For many people, to aim for excellence in all things, seems like a lofty or unlikely outcome to achieve. From the earliest of days many of us are taught to fit in, to remain humble and to judge success by matching or only just exceeding the average, rather than setting the standards of what can be achieved.

And yet the world is full of outliers who are outstanding at what they do, and from who we can model the unconscious strategies for success.

Becoming outstanding and elite-effective is the main objective I set for all of my coaching relationships. No playing small or seeking average. No hiding behind excuses of any kind. In a coaching partnership we apply focused attention on the objective of becoming the very best you can be in all aspects of your life, and then some.


If you’d like to enter into a coaching relationship with me there are a number of outcomes we will commit to achieving:

  • Approaching each day in the states and attitude of excellence.
  • Expanding your personal and global vision to higher levels of possibility.
  • Training your ability to always respond to challenges with clever solutions.
  • Increased productivity and achievement in all of the important areas of your life.
  • Improved relationships with deeper emotional connections.
  • More day-to-day focus and attention on what is important.
  • Consistent levels of energy and wellbeing.
  • Freedom from worry, stress, overload and unwanted emotional states.
  • Focusing upon your most compelling and rewarding outcomes, and upgrading your skills to achieve those outcomes.
  • Working with me requires a commitment to excellence in your life. I have no interest in working towards average, or just good enough.

I have met far too many older people who settled for living with their songs still inside of them. Will you?

If you experience a strong desire to be the person you know you are capable of becoming, contact me to discuss working together. I will initially want to know if your vision is compelling enough to keep you and I working towards it .
Please contact: to arrange an initial coaching discussion and to discover if and how we can work together.