Are you making the most of your time?

Tick-Tock, there goes your life, running around and not making the most of it – maybe?
Sometimes it can be good to remember, Thoreau’s quote,
‘The cost of a thing is the amount of what I will call life which is required to be exchanged for it, immediately or in the long run.’
Are you using up your most precious commodity in activities that aren’t rewarding to you?

You probably can live your dreams now

It may be one of life’s saddest realities that so many people put off living today, for some distant and unknown dream in the future.
We only have each moment and if you can identify the qualities that are in your dreams but missing right now, you may be able to go about including those qualities NOW and living with full dignity.

Is this the quickest way to become smarter?

Small minded, limited, biased and unverifiable beliefs can be like a defense that prevents intelligence.
By remaining open to new and incoming information, testing and verifying its usefulness, we are less likely to view the world in a small and limiting way.

Can optimism keep you healthy?

Being aware of how our thoughts effect our body, and our physiology effects our thoughts, enables us to move away from the myth that we are a mind and body, when in reality, we are one whole, living state.
Knowing this means that we can make conscious adjustments to our thinking and physiology, and create states of well being and health.

Is it time to drop the labels?

Change is at the very essence of life and it’s only our beliefs and labels that prevent us from making real, beneficial change.
In this video Mike invites you to identify which negative self labels you carry, and how important it is to drop them.

The benefits of more flexible thinking

In this Video, Mike proposes the benefits of being a life long learner, open and curious about life and especially where we might hold beliefs that get in the way of our growth and development.
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The benefits of knowing that you’re wrong

We could be wrong about this (and are happy to be so) but we regard having inflexible thinking, hard beliefs and cognitive biases as the biggest limitation towards living a life you truly desire.
Challenging our own beliefs and welcoming being ‘ wrong’ opens us up to getting useful, actionable feedback on how we are really living.

Stop making excuses. Now. 

For many of us, we have been raised and live in a blame culture. Making excuses for our actions comes at the consequences of living without real choice and autonomy.
If you were to take 100% responsibility for the choices you make each moment, how might that transform your life?

The Fixer 

This ‘sizzle’ was created to show Mike’s intervention work with allegedly impossible behavioral problems. The girl in this video had seen six specialists and had hand shakes since she was born. The man had been in therapy for 12 years to fix his fear of elevators and car washes.

The sizzle was commissioned by BBC America