It’s 11pm and I’ve been stuck to my laptop all day except for a brief lunch and dinner with my family.  I’m in the final hours of re-launching a business ( and deadlines and sign-offs are the priority of the last ten days.

I was about to move on to the next element of work and then I heard the local Owl, calling just outside my window.  He or she is a Tawny Owl, who I’ve grown accustomed to hearing every night since moving to the Hampshire countryside for a few months.

I’ve chosen to receive the Owl’s call as a direct message to me to get up, go outside, breathe deeply and look at the stars. I also take the call as a signal to stop frowning and relax. It’s no wonder my forehead is looking like it needs a hot iron.

Unless you’re in charge of defenses for a nation, or preventing the collapse of a country’s paper currencies, you could just lighten up.

As the saying goes, ‘Nobody gets out of here alive’. We will all be dust one day, and our ego, responsible for making us feel so important and so certain of ourselves, will be gone – poof!

Here’s one of my cures to the infection of taking myself too seriously (something that happens on far too many occasions).  A dark country field  like the one I have outside is essential, as is a clear, cloudless sky.

Try it -go find yourself a spot on a hilltop, get comfy, and… STARE.

Mostly when I gaze at the stars I realise how utterly insignificant I am in comparison to the whole of the wide-screen universe.

You and I barley register as a tiny prick of a dot, in a pin-prick solar system, in a pin-prick galaxy. I’m seeing a gazillionth of what’s out there.

And there we all are, caught up in our little reality that makes us feel like the centre of the universe, when in fact we’re barely a speck of dust in this great big expanding hoover bag.

Or would the universe be a bag less hoover?

Stargazing often inspires me to forget all the work that I create and instead plan more adventures and long days of playing with my kids.

If you can’t get access to a dark enough field ( go deeper into the wilds my friend) then this video regularly blows my mind :