My team provides live training events in Peak Performance, Public Speaking, Resilience, Well Being, NLP Certification and Communication.

In all of our training we ensure that participants can learn both consciously and unconsciously towards the outcome of embodying and owning the skill sets on offer.
Our events are comprehensive, enjoyable and created from extensive personal knowledge and experience in the subjects being taught.

The Life Event

The life event is a high-energy 2-day event that incorporates the latest ideas from neuro coaching, mindfulness, sports performance and positive psychology.

Would you like to master your life with the mindset techniques of high performers?

The simple truth is that your performance is a product of your ‘state’. In a bad state everything seems like a problem, in your optimum state you feel like you can handle almost anything.

Your state is not just something that happens to you. You can become your own coach and learn how to change your own state.  Most people who attend the event go on to make changes and achieve things that they never imagined possible.

The Life Event 2017 is taking place on June 23rd & 24th in London at The Tabernacle – 34-35 Powis Square.

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Resilience Training

Frontline Mind training develops reflexive, embodied thinking skills in professionals who have to deal with extreme pressure in the workplace.  Individuals and teams who develop a Frontline Mind can learn to perform
with clarity.

Participants who undertake Frontline Mind training will experience progressive development in which the embodied thinking processes of the psychologically resilient elite are developed and transferred, so that they can be used when chosen.

Resilience Training Brochure

Public Speaking Training

Many people fear public speaking more than death. Yet for most people there will inevitably come a time when speaking in front of a group is an essential step in their personal or business progress.

During this experiential two-day training event, you will learn:

  • How to choose a state of confidence in all your communications.
  • Reframe your entire relationship with public speaking.
  • Break your dependency on mind numbingly boring, powerpoint slides.
  • Convert your fear and anxiety into a peak performance.
  • Have flexibility to choose between different states for different emphasis in your stories and descriptions.
  • Ensure your presentations are structured to be memorable and impactful.
  • Find your unique voice, style and stories.
  • Build and sustain group rapport and interest.
  • Handle any heckler or awkward questions.
  • Influence people unconsciously so that they feel the value of your message.
  • Use your body and gestures to maximize influence.
  • Artfully build emotional states such as enthusiasm, joy, intrigue and acceptance.
  • Tell stories that hold the problems and solutions for which your audience wants answers.
Public Speaking Brochure