I always know when my life is getting too crazy because I start to think about minimising my wardrobe.

In a frenzy of desire, I can get a little too ‘minimalist’ even for the most die hard of simplifiers. As it is, I’m pretty much down to two pairs of my favorite Patagonia Jeans, six or so organic T-shirts, one pair of trainers and a couple of suits that never see the light of day.

In my desire to purge even more complexity there is usually a lesson to pay attention to overload in other areas of my life, currently that being too many work projects. It intrigues me to realize how my inner drive will get what it wants (simplicity or order or something like that- in this particular moment) even if that means I’ll soon be naked for want of clothes to wear.

In a way, we only ever dream about or go after what we don’t have.  You’ll never catch me daydreaming about sunshine since moving to LA.  One and a bit years ago in the middle of a bitter UK winter it was a different dream altogether.

It can be good to pay attention to our dreams and notice that the qualities that arise in them are usually missing in our day-to-day living. In the same way (as the saying goes) there are many ways to skin a cat, so too are there many ways to fulfill what our dreams hint at. You may dream of fast cars and wealth, or open fields and quaint cottages. The question is, what would having those external conditions give you as way of a feeling/experience, and how can you get that feeling now without having to achieve some long distance goal (of a fast car or cottage)?

It’s a fool who puts off his life today for some distant future that is far from guaranteed to arrive.

I encourage myself (and you) to pay attention to our dreams and the qualities they contain. Then ensure you get a little of those qualities every day.

I spared my clothes, but my garden hasn’t looked so well organized in months.


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