About Mike

Mike Weeks is a coach, trainer and speaker who specialises in peak performance coaching for people in high-pressure workplaces and environments.
Mike has designed and delivered training for leadership, personal effectiveness, advanced communication, developing creativity, well being, resilience, modelling excellence and performance under pressure.

For fourteen years Mike has worked with individuals and organisations to develop excellence in their chosen fields, including on TV, where his coaching successes have been viewed in 148 countries. In the therapeutic fields he has provided interventions for people with performance anxiety, burn-out, depression, fear, anxiety, phobias, stress, procrastination, relationship and parenting issues and many hundreds of cases of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Mike regularly coaches peak-performers in extreme sports, business, frontline services, arts and technology, alongside anyone who is genuinely committed to achieving their fullest potential.

In Mike’s own words:

Some of the most rewarding and life changing work that I engage in is with Humanitarian NGO’s assisting in disaster relief, where I use my skills to negate the effects of extreme stress and PTSD.

I’ve previously been the lead of all mental health at the field hospital for Sean Penn’s JPHRO, which was responsible for the safety and well being of over fifty thousand displaced Haitians’ who lost their homes after the 2010 quake. My primary role was providing creative interventions to the huge number of people suffering symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as well as training local Haitians to continue the work in my team’s absence.

I have made numerous subsequent visits to Haiti with CGR, an American medical NGO of which I am privileged to be an advisor and first response member to disasters such as Typhoon Haiyan.

Coaching and training others to perform at their highest levels of excellence is what drives me, both one-on-one and in immersive group training. In all of my coaching, training, consulting and speaking, I aim to answer the question, ‘how can people embody excellence in all aspects of their lives?’ I regard my coaching, live training, outdoor adventures and family life as a committed experiment in answering this question.


I have am co-founder of  The Life Event a two day transformation workshop that trains execs and successful people how to be more effective in their approach to life.


My main work since 2016 has been as co-founder and Program Director at Frontline Mind,  a global resilience training company that works with front line personnel in the defence forces, emergency services, law enforcement and correctional services. I have trained groups from the UK and Filipino Special Forces, US Marine Corp, various UK and US Police and Firefighters, Medical Teams, NGO’s and Care Providers.


My book, ‘ Un-train Your Brain’ is published through Vermillion. It contains multiple stories, patterns, methods and ideas from adventures in change work that I have lived for fourteen years.

My interests, background and activities have been influenced by unconventional beginnings.  I grew up in a dysfunctional environment of a lower (sometimes) working class family. As soon as I was old enough at age seventeen I left home to become a full time globe-trotting rock-climber, making just enough money from risking my life to support my travels to have a life worth risking.

Being a streetwise kid I was able to hit the road at an early age and make a living from climbing and related activities whilst traveling the world for the best part of ten years, including a period in which I developed and appeared in a major TV series that was aired globally and continues to do so.

Climbing introduced me to a whole new world of fun, intelligent and counter-culture minded people to live among as  I became adept at dangerous roped and rope-free climbing.

In 2006 and I met and climbed with my friend and mentor, Dr John Grinder, the genius modeller and pattern detector. I have been incredibly fortunate to deeply model and learn from  a world renowned expert in communication, behavioural change and the patterns of excellence that have been his life’s work. My development as a coach and trainer as well as in many aspects of my personal life and work, continues to be enhanced with Dr Grinder’s regular ongoing mentorship.

At last count, I have travelled to over fifty countries, including repeated trips to the Peruvian Amazon (where I have also guided self development groups) learning indigenous shamanic practices.

I have trekked with Creole trackers for weeks through dense rainforest (Belize), ran the ultimate ultra marathon across the Sahara, trained for months in Kick Boxing in the place of its birth (Thailand), ran the full mountain routes with the Marathon Monks of Mount Hei (Japan),  kayaked, skydived, skied, ice climbed, sailed and dived for large parts of my life and recently moved to Boulder Colorado to develop my companies footprint and possibly finish work early at least a few days per week to enjoy the local climbing, fishing and skiing.

Multiple times a day I take time to read and research and continually test ways of enhancing my own health and performance so that I can pass on what works to my clients.

When I’m not training teams of peak-performers, the natural world is where I experience my deepest sense of aliveness. Hence I fly-fish and rarely care about catching fish. For a kick of adrenaline I cycle (mostly no-handed) around my home-town. I have been a meditator and Yoga practitioner for 25 years and will do so for another 25 and beyond. Every other minute in my life is set aside and dedicated to the utter joy of learning about real happiness, through the experiences of my two young sons, and sharing adventures with my best friend who also happens to be my wife.