Choosing wisely for best results

Every day we’re required to make a series of choices. The quality and potential consequence of those choices is what creates difference in our lives.

Today you could choose to eat garbage, processed foods; or to deliver work that is knowingly under par; or speak unkindly about others behind their back; or watch TV instead of working on your project; or blame others for your current outcomes; or lie to a loved one, or some other choice from an infinite range of possibilities. Such choices are yours to make as long as you are accepting of the consequences. Though to accept the consequences or not, is also a choice.

There’s a lot to be gained from remembering that every choice we make will deliver an outcome. Even when events arise that we have little control over, we always have the choice to respond in our own way.

If you desire to create a positive difference in your life, I encourage you to become adept at predicting the likely outcome of your choices and actions.

A highly effective way of doing this is to regularly observe your self as if from an outside perspective. As an example, if you were the film director in charge of directing your own behaviours (rather than being the actor, acting them out), what suggestions and directions would you give yourself when it comes to the choices you make?

By regularly pausing and viewing ourselves before making a decision, so as to offer small, actionable alternatives to our usual choices, we can direct our lives in a way that is less habitual and more aligned with what we really want.

Note: You can learn how to use a 3rd or ‘observer position’ in our free video gallery. Get access here and watch the lessons on Perceptual Positions.

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