CEO: Frontline Mind USA;Author: Untrain Your Brain;Elite Performance Coach;Extreme Free Climber

CEO: Frontline Mind

Resilience training for Frontline and business personnel

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Performance Coach

Elite performance coaching and trauma therapy

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Author: Untrain Your Brain

A guide to freedom from the neurons that hold you back.

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“If you position yourself as an expert, coach or advisor, you better be able to walk the talk. My perspective is that to work with elite performers, a coach should have tested and proven his or her methods in the domain they work in. I would never collaborate with an arm chair expert who avoids his or her own skin in the game. It’s simple to me, live your message authentically, or keep quiet.”

CEO: Frontline Mind USA

Clarity in action, performance under pressure

My main focus since 2015 has been as co-founder and CEO at Frontline Mind (Frontline Training and Research Group), our global training company that works with personnel in the defense forces, emergency services, law enforcement, athletes and businesses of all sizes. 

I never set out to be a CEO and check in regularly to ensure that I’m the right person for the role. Coaching for over 15 years has taught me many of the skills required to get the best from our teams and I view my CEO role as chief coach, whose purpose is to support the brilliance in each of my team members.

I think that leaders perform their role best when they ask, ‘How can I ensure our people are supported to become better than me and achieve outcomes that we will all be proud of for years to come?’

Frontline Mind courses empower attendees with:

Techniques to deal with stress and trauma during and after high pressure events.

An improved mindset  to perform consistently at their highest ability, while reducing absenteeism.

Online follow-up video tuition accessible at any time and on any device to maximise retention.

The Frontline Mind team ( led by M. Weeks) provided training to Light Armored Reconnaissance Training Company.  In a matter of six months I saw the company’s maintenance readiness increase from 40% to over 90%.  The Marines greatly improved their communication techniques through specific language patterns. Frontline Mind is a truly innovative organization in the training and development field and they provide exactly the kind of solutions that many Government agencies need.

I give my strongest possible recommendation for working with this team of experts.

Maj. J Clayton

United States Marine Corp

Performance Coaching

I work with individuals and teams who are committed to becoming the best in their field

Coaching and training others to perform at their highest levels of excellence is what drives me, both one-on-one and in immersive group training.

In all of my coaching, training, consulting and speaking, I aim to answer the question, ‘how can people embody excellence in all aspects of their lives?’ I regard my coaching, live training, outdoor adventures and family life as a committed experiment in answering this question. 

I have am co-founder of  The Life Event a two day transformation workshop that trains execs and successful people how to be more effective in their approach to life.

“Mike is the greatest coach I have ever encountered. His action oriented, no bullshit approach completely changed my life. I will always love him for what he has done for me.”

Jack Osbourne, TV Producer

Trauma and Recovery

Some of the most rewarding and life changing work that I engage in is with Humanitarian NGO’s assisting in disaster relief, where I use my skills to negate the effects of extreme stress and PTSD.

I’ve previously been the lead of all mental health at the field hospital for Sean Penn’s JPHRO, which was responsible for the safety and well being of over fifty thousand displaced Haitians’ who lost their homes after the 2010 quake. My primary role was providing creative interventions to the huge number of people suffering symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as well as training local Haitians to continue the work in my team’s absence.

I have made numerous subsequent visits to Haiti with CGR, an American medical NGO of which I am privileged to be an advisor and first response member to disasters such as Typhoon Haiyan.

Extreme free climber and adventurer

Aside from my family, my first love will always be the planet’s wild places.

I moved our business to Colorado so that I could call The Rockies my home. Adventure is at the heart of what I do and my love affair with climbing only gets stronger after 27 years. At last count, I have travelled to over fifty countries, including repeated trips to the Peruvian Amazon (where I have also guided self development groups) learning indigenous shamanic practices.

I have trekked with Creole trackers for weeks through dense rainforest (Belize), ran the ultimate ultra marathonacross the Sahara, trained for months in Kick Boxing in the place of its birth (Thailand), ran the full mountain routes with the Marathon Monks of Mount Hei (Japan),  kayaked, skydived, skied, ice climbed, sailed and dived for large parts of my life and recently moved to Boulder Colorado to develop my companies footprint and possibly finish work early at least a few days per week to enjoy the local climbing, fishing and skiing.

In 2006 and I met and climbed with my friend and mentor, Dr John Grinder, the genius modeller and pattern detector. I have been incredibly fortunate to deeply model and learn from  a world renowned expert in communication, behavioural change and the patterns of excellence that have been his life’s work. My development as a coach and trainer as well as in many aspects of my personal life and work, continues to be enhanced with Dr Grinder’s regular ongoing mentorship.

Multiple times a day I take time to read and research and continually test ways of enhancing my own health and performance so that I can pass on what works to my clients.

Author: Untrain Your Brain

From the back cover: Right now, be it great or dire, your life is the sum total of your thoughts, choices, actions and habits; everything in your life can be  traced to the way you think and how this influences what actions you take.

But all too often our thoughts and feelings seem to have a mind of their own, with negative beliefs and emotions running amok in our brain, making it difficult, if not impossible, to make much needed changes in our lives. That was, until now.

My book, ‘ Un-train Your Brain’ is published through Vermillion. Told through real life stories of coaching adventures from around the world, Un-Train Your Brain is an adventurous guide to learning how to overcome the thinking and habits that hold you back from achieving what you desire. This book will enable you to choose how you feel and experience each moment, transforming your daily habits into actions that will lead to being your very best.

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